The Truth
Birthday Weekend.

I guess its finally time to share this weekend since I have mixed feelings about it. There were great moments and then there were some that don’t really make sense to me but that’s just how I feel.

Friday: Like I said CRAZY NIGHT! but one reason I found it so fun and great was because people were actually there for me, celebrating me? If that makes sense. For awhile I’ve always felt alone but knowing that I still have some people is really nice.

Saturday:Siblings day/celebration? This day kind of made me sad. The original original plan was to cook dinner and dessert and play board games or dance central or you know just fun things. BUT that’s not what happened, not even close.

My oldest sister before I would always joke around and tease her about only calling or coming around if she needed something, but sometimes I really do feel that way. Although I often don’t really call her or whatever to just find out how she’s doing but it’s more of just wanting her attention I guess. She’s someone I always try to impress, make laugh, etc.

That day she said she wanted to decorate her wall or something trying to be crafty. She first just picked me and my brother up to go get things for her wall. which whatever I didn’t really care. But at that rate it was too late to grocery shop or anything so we just ate a Red Robins which my little brother was the only one that really paid attention to me:] I love that fat kid for that he’s always listening and paying attention to this annoying/dork of a sister. We shared our food too, half pasta, half burger and extra fries! :] That put me in a good mood and I just wanted to finish off the night with games or whatever else. But then my oldest sister took out her craft supplies and made my little brother and Amy start working on her wall design or whatever and that’s what they did the whole time. I didn’t touch a thing. Why? because in my head the thoughts going through was wow so this is what we came here for.. not for my birthday at all. Does anyone even notice me sitting on the couch by myself with my poor nephew that didn’t even understand why I was being a little cranky at him. Sorry BRYCE :/ 

I was starting to get tired and more irritable as the seconds, minutes, hours passed. And finally I just laid there til they finished. I played off that I was tired and yea. My dad seemed to notice that I was a little bummed but yet again played off that I was tired which I was but that wasn’t the main reason.

Sunday: FAMILY DAY! :] DUMPLINGS FOR BREAKFAST!! MY FAV!!! :D but anyways I was so grateful to those friends that got me such an amazing gift! I hugged it all the way home! :]

My family and I were supposed to just have a nice meal nothing big just spring rolls. family included my oldest sister and bryce. but nope they didn’t come. When she didn’t come it was like a second blow to the face. It was like my birthday birthday the actually day I wanted to just be around family, possibly make up for saturday, the kinect was ready, we could’ve done anything…. anything. She told Amy that Bryce was playing with the neighbors kid so if they come they come,  if they don’t they don’t. Simple. In my mind, I wished it played out that she told them I’m sorry it’s my sisters birthday we have to go. But that’s just a wish.

It stung, it still stings that basically that’s how I ended my birthday. I kinda ignored her texts the next day… b/c all she talked about was how she wanted to see the hunger games and really I didn’t care.. so yep. 

That was my birthday weekend. To the good and happy moments I’m really thankful:] To my parent’s if you didn’t bring me into this world on March 18th haha well duh I wouldn’t have been born and I wouldn’t be 19 right now! :]

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